How to fix a badly stained suit/tuxedo

stained tuxedo with FAB powder

Not long ago, a customer came to us with an unexpected problem. Mr Chia had tried to rescue his stained tuxedo with FAB powder. Unfortunately, conventional means are not always the answer to conventional problems. “Recently, I try to remove the white stains from the lapel on my favourite tuxedo (which was tailor made for me […]

4 Clothing Tips for Tanned Skin

With Singapore being sunny all-year round, it’s not hard for the sportier ones among us to get a tan relatively quickly. Sportsmen are sexy and working out is cool. No one likes a buffed-up bodybuilder that’s as fair as the Hainanese white chicken rice we eat. Unfortunately, it’s well established that it’s easier to dress […]

Stylish Shirts for Men Attending an Outdoor Event in Summer

There are invites to barbecues, picnics, boating and more outdoor events to attend throughout any given summer. Deciding what to wear for all these events can be challenging, even for the most stylish and impeccable man. The standard default of a conservative suit is much too formal, and the ultra-relaxed look of shorts and T-shirt […]

Top 5 Men’s Suit Brands In The World

The difference between a top end, bespoke suit and a made-to-measure suit at your tailor is clearly visible to the naked eye. The reason is explained by Desmond Merrion, who makes bespoke suits costing $50,000, promising to personally place every single stitch by hand, pledging that no machine will ever touch the garment at any stage. “This hand making is […]