Graziaa Pants/Skirts

Graziaa’s pants and skirts are made from the finest materials, handpicked from top weavers from around the world. Materials include noble cashmere, silk and more.

Our bespoke trousers are cut to create an elongated line, tailored exactly to your body’s shape. The slimmer cut lengthens the leg and guides the viewer’s eyes upwards towards the wearer’s face.

Ladies skirts follow the age-old arts of tailoring from Saville Row, accentuated by our family’s Italian influence to best complement the modern elite woman’s natural body shape.

Quality. Flattering. Yet still extremely comfortable.


Pants/Skirts from $180 (in-house, hand-picked fabrics, 100% wool lining)

Pants/Skirts from $500 (Ermenegildo Zegna, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Cerruti 1881, Scabal)

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