Graziaa Lady suits

Genuine Bespoke Suits. No Templates Used. No Made-to-Measure.

Bespoke suits are no longer the sole privilege to be enjoyed by the most successful men. The modern woman has long outgrown off-the-shelf garments. She too, should enjoy a suit that was made especially for her. The pinnacle of modern women’s wear is a bespoke suit that brings out her confidence, while maintaining her gracefulness.

The finest suits require the finest materials. Graziaa’s bespoke suits for ladies are made from the highest quality 100% wool. The blouses are made of Egyptian cotton and we use only handpicked, top-quality shell buttons in the construction of this masterpiece.

In a globalized market and competitive market where most outsource tailoring to factories overseas and sacrifice quality for efficiency through the use of machines, Graziaa stays true to the traditional techniques required for quality suit-making.

Every bespoke suit at Graziaa is carefully planned, 100% hand-stitched in Singapore and altered until it fits you perfectly.

We do not limit the number of alterations. We only believe in making perfect suits.


Bespoke Suits from $1,800 (in-house, hand-picked fabrics, 100% wool lining)

Bespoke Suits from $3,000 (Ermenegildo Zegna, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Cerruti 1881, Scabal)

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